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Yoga teacher

At home

Do you want to develop your physical and mental well-being? The home yoga class allows you to practice at your own pace, alone or in a small group, without the need to travel. Our experienced teachers adapt to your needs and abilities. Our prices are fixed and transparent. You choose your availability and we will send you the best Pro.

View full list of services and rates by downloading the App
View full list of services and rates by downloading the App
Yoga session

Yoga class (1h) - Solo

65.00 € - 60 Min

Yoga class (1h) - 2 personen

75.00 € - 60 Min

Yoga class (1h) - 3 people

85.00 € - 60 Min

Yoga class (1h) - 4 people

95.00 € - 60 Min

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Meet one our Pros:
Ines B.
Ines B.
23 yo. - 1000 Bruxelles

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How long have you been working with Hop Hop?

Since September 2020... Right from the beginning!

How has your experience with Hop Hop been so far?

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